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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Jan 16, 2018

Constance Shulman was in the original cast of Steel Magnolias, Lortel Theater. She continued to work in dynamic films Fried Green Tomatoes and Sweet and Lowdown. On the fast track to stardom, Constance did something many women in this industry would love to do. She took a break and raised her children. She took a 15 year break from acting and focused her creativity on writing, painting and producing documentaries. This interview gives the full spectrum look of a woman who has lived by her own set of creative rules and how it was making a comeback as an actress in the business.

Currently, Constance is working on her 6th season of Orange is the New Black (three time SAG award winner for Best Ensemble in a Comedy), The Blacklist and Broad City. She voices the Nickelodeon/ABC-Disney's Doug. And is the co-producer of NY Times top 10 docs of 2015, Looks like Laury, Sounds like Laury documentary.