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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Feb 13, 2018

Lucy Hale gives insight to how her shy, homeschooled, hopeful, naive yet intuitive belief she would "make it" lead her to Hollywood to chase a dream we all have. This Southern girl has the charm and the class that has made her a rising, accoladed star for the past 15 years. She gives a candid look at "growing up" in the business and how she deals with self-doubt moments. She gives way to figuring out what really makes her happy and if she will return to making music. Listen in to see how this beautiful face relies on her professionalism, grace and gratefulness to stay the most sought after actress. I love Lucy will have a whole new meaning after listening to this episode. Lucy is a delight and shares how Instagram has changed the business and created a marketing platform to let fans influence the plot lines of current shows.

Lucy was made a household name and received several awards playing Aria on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Currently, Lucy is starring in the highly anticipated CW show LIFE SENTENCE and Blumhouse film, TRUTH OR DARE.