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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Aug 17, 2021

Over the course of his 30 year career, Aasif Mandvi has learned that the dreaded phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is nothing more than a myth. As an actor, writer, producer, podcast host and much more, Aasif has no shortage of creative endeavors and has learned to embrace that multiplicity rather...

Aug 10, 2021

French-American, Stephanie Szostak (show-stack) acts, writes and speaks.

She is currently starring on ABC’s hit series A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, is working on a book called "Oh The TiDDies You'll Grow!" and speaks to various organizations (from corporate to non-profits supporting immigrant women, teens and mental...

Aug 3, 2021

Born in South Africa, Neil Sandilands’s decades-long career spans across the globe. As an actor, writer, director, and musician, Neil has meticulously put in the time to develop, hone, and refine his craft as an actor, as well as an all-around storyteller. 

You’ve seen him in Netflix’s hit new...