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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Apr 24, 2018

Justin Bursch has over twenty producing credits to his name. He is best known for his work as executive producer on COLOSSAL, a monster movie turned on its head, starring Anne Hathaway as Gloria, a woman facing the realization she is somehow connected to an enormous monster terrorizing Seoul, South Korea. Justin executive produced BAD COUNTRY, a tense thriller set in 1980s Baton Rouge, following the complicated relationship between a contract killer turned informant, Matt Dillon as Jesse Weiland, and Willem Dafeo as Bud Carter, a police detective combating a Southern crime ring. He went on to produce GOOD KIDS, starring Zoey Deutch and Nicholas Braun in the hilarious and touching coming of age story, navigating life after high school. You can catch Justin Bursch’s newest film, I FEEL PRETTY, in theatres today, starring Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams. This heartfelt comedy follows Schumer’s character Renee Bennett, in the aftermath of a fall that has stripped her self consciousness and allowed her to see herself as a beautiful woman for the first time in her life.