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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Jan 25, 2022

Today’s guest is an actor, writer, director, and producer. She is none other than Sarah Wayne Callies, best known for portraying Lori Grimes on AMC’s record-breaking series The Walking Dead. Sarah’s made an unforgettable impression on audiences worldwide by bringing complex and powerful female characters to life on screen.

Her appreciation for these dynamic roles began long before she was a series regular on multiple critically acclaimed shows (including Unspeakable, Colony, Prison Break, and her upcoming leading role on NBC’s Council of Dads). Exploring and sharing the female voice has always been important to Sarah—from studying feminism and mythology in college to honoring the guidance of strong women in her family.

Sarah’s career, as she says, is a miracle and series of accidents. But as you’ll find out, it’s also a testament to hard work, gratitude (always gratitude), and resourcefulness. You’ll hear how she used riding on the Subway to improve her on-camera audition technique, what helps her return to true North, and how important it is for artists to know and trust themselves… even if that means moving to British Columbia.

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