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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Nov 10, 2020

Today’s guest embodies what it means to be a versatile and creative storyteller. Actor, writer, and producer, Kathleen Rose Perkins, has had an expansive career that has led her to varied roles in both comedy and drama in the world of film and television. Today, she walks us through the lulls as well as the highs of her journey starting from what she learned doing background work in Los Angeles, to what it was like to be fired from a job...more than once, to taking creative control of her career and writing the stories that she wants to tell without having to rely on anyone else to do it for her.

Kathleen knows what it’s like to struggle to find representation that feels like a good fit. Early on, she felt the urge to give up when only receiving a few auditions a year. Now, having found a manager that’s been with her from the start, she emphasizes how important it is to communicate with your reps about exactly what it is you want out of your career.

Over the years, she’s appeared in over 70 projects including Netflix’s I Am Not Okay with This , Showtime’s Episodes , NCIS: Los Angeles , ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat , USA’s Colony , and films such as The Skeleton Twins opposite Kristen Wiig, Gone Girl opposite Ben Affleck, and many more. Today, she shares her wisdom and knowledge about how she works through audition anxiety, her methods for preparing for a big emotional scene, and most of all, how she makes sure she’s always busy working.

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