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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Nov 17, 2020

Today, I sit down with actor, writer, director and prominent acting coach, Josh Pais. Having had a successful, decades long career, Josh credits his approach to the craft to his parents. His mother, a creative free spirit and his father, a theoretical physicist, lead Josh to a method of training that uses physicality to get to a space of spontaneity in his art, a method that he compares to what it feels like to “play in a laboratory.”

This discovery led him to founding the Committed Impulse actor training program which has provided both industry stars, as well as those just starting out, with the tools to overcome fear and create truthful, in the moment performances with a method he calls “inner atomics” which recognizes emotions simply as energy patterns in our bodies. Josh teaches that true artistic creation cannot exist without bravely stepping into the unknown, a mantra he himself uses every time he steps into a scene. He also shares what teaching has taught him about his own work both in front and behind the camera by discussing his passion for storytelling through the making of his own documentary over the course of 10 years. His extensive list of credits includes roles in Showtimes’ Ray Donovan, HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher, Netflix’s Maniac, NBC’s Law and Order, TV Land’s Younger, as well as the major box office success film, Joker.

Josh acknowledges that what we do as storytellers can be both scary and vulnerable, but teaches that standing confidently in our own truth, is also the greatest gift that we as performers can give.

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