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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Dec 23, 2020

Having anxiety about life? Holidays? Auditions? What 2021 will look like? Me too. You are not alone. Today, I wanted to share the healthy EXIT to any anxiety.

I wanted to end with soothing and practical wisdom from one of my great healers Nicola Salter. Anxiety is a jumbled mess of saying that your body is looking for "any exit" to not feel the cortisol dump that is happening. So here are some recommendations to immediately give the healthy exit for anxiety - whether you are trying to avoid a family catastrophe this holiday season or stepping back into the audition room.

Nicola Salter is an international Mentor, Quantum Field Practitioner, Heart Math Coach, Educator, Author.

To manage your anxiety (during this holiday season) and build more coherence prior to and during an audition, I recommend you practice some breathwork called Heart Focused Breathing. This is a quick and easy technique to reset your emotions, and rewire your brain. It is used widely to calm anxiety on the spot and help you become centered.


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