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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Sep 9, 2020

Breathwork is the bridge to spirit, takes us into other realms, heals our body of trauma, regulates our para sympathetic system (nerves/fear) and connects us to our voice.

Today, Robin Solo joins Wednesday Wisdom to give insight about how Breathwork will help strengthen your instrument.

Tension is restrictive to breathing freely and deeply. A person free of stress will be calmer and better able to concentrate and connect to what they are saying in an open way. Our breath changes with our emotions so if you are free of stress anxiety, tension, fear, etc…you’ll be more present in your voice and body. If you are not breathing deeply and freely your voice, which is fueled by the breath, may sound weak and breathy without enough energy to project. This breath practice physiologically strengthens our lungs, lung capacity and endurance. Also if you are someone who has limiting beliefs or trauma around using your voice - for example you were told to be quiet, you felt not seen or heard because you felt no one was listening to you or taking you seriously - this practice can help you let go of that trauma and support you in speaking your truth. It can support you in speaking up and taking your power back in opening your throat chakra giving you more confidence to feel and express emotions through your voice.




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