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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Feb 12, 2020

Ever had a story that you were dying to tell but didn't know how to start? Are you trying to find your voice to give power to creating your own content?

If you have a story you’re ready to put on stage or screen, Story School is the program to take before you sit down to write. It helps you take your idea and flesh it out into a well-structured, powerful story. You’ll learn all of Hollywood and history’s best-kept storytelling secrets from a writer and story nerd who’s spent nearly two decades studying the art of effective storytelling and perfecting her craft. Your instructor, Jamie, is an award-winning screenwriter and director who's helped hundreds of writers shape and develop their story for maximum impact. In this 12-module course she’ll give you all you need to do this on your own! And, just for being a member of my community, you'll get 20% off! Head to and use code TOA20 to get in and start writing your story.

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