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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Mar 20, 2018

Neil Jackson fearlessly walks through memory lane of being told no various times, to writing his own musical that caught the attention of a profound theater producer that allowed him to study the craft of acting. This man has had some lucky breaks but they all came from the hand work and relentless preparation of owning his craft and creating his own content. Ten years ago Neil's interview for a prestigious acting school was cut short due to lack of professional training. Ten years later, with several highly notable roles under his belt, he shares his most prized moment of receiving an offer for the 2nd season of Westworld after driving Uber. This man is tenacious and doesn't take NO for an answer. The NO's led to the creation of hunger and passion for performing.

Currently, Neil can be seen in the second season of HBO's WESTWORLD and Robert Zemeckis' THE WOMEN OF MARWEN.

Instagram: @theneiljackson