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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Oct 29, 2019

Today’s guest will likely surprise you—be defies so many of the conventional ideas that get tossed around about what is possible in a creative career. Before Aleks Paunovic became an actor, he was a champion amateur boxer, born in Winnipeg. While he didn’t come into his acting pursuit till his 30’s, he shares how his love of music, natural athleticism, and rigorous work ethic all came together to empower his exploration into his creativity. His perceptive emotional intelligence and deeply connected humanity lives in every word he shares and his willingness to take big risks for the sake of his own artistic expansion is exactly why he’s continues to blow us all away in every role he takes on.

From a life-affirming encounter with acclaimed acting teacher, Larry Moss, to learning to transcend ego while preparing to play a primate in War for the Planet of the Apes, he’s never willing to settle or play it safe. He also shares about his experience working on the new and highly anticipated show SEE, premiering this week Apple TV+.

He’s also in the new Snowpiercer series and has appeared on Van Helsing, Supernatural, The 100, and so many more.

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