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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Jul 28, 2020

She’s the actress who's been in just about everything. You know that actor whose face you know like the back of your hand and whose work never fails to leave you wondering just how do they do it. Well get ready to be let in on the light that is Rosalind Chao. Listening to this woman share about her journey her childlike play spirit shines through. It’s no wonder she was discovered as a small child running up and down the aisles of her parent’s restaurant. Rosalind has allowed herself to flow from theatre to TV to film and back again. She’s not shy about her struggles with self-doubt and fear but it is her work ethic that is unwavering.

Even more impressive than her five-decade long resume is her determination to keep her personal life the priority. This woman lives from trust and abundance. It’s no wonder she just keeps working. She is the consummate actor who most recently appeared in the new play The Great Wave at The National Theatre in London just before she began shooting Disney’s live action Mulan scheduled to open in theatres this July. Listen and soak up her sense of freedom with the work and healthy detachment to the business. A lesson we all can keep learning. I admire this woman deeply and am thrilled to share the wealth of her wide breadth of experience.


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