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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Oct 20, 2020

Today’s guest is the awe-inspiring, spectacular Eric Ladin. You might know him from The Killing, Boardwalk Empire, or Generation Kill because his moments onscreen are unforgettable. He talks about the evolution of his identity and how he learned to reconcile the way he saw himself with the way Hollywood saw him to lean into type and unleash his potential. He’s candid about the pressure he put on himself after graduating from drama school and his obsession with over-preparing. And it wasn’t until a pizza party celebrating his decision to quit acting when he finally learned to release control. He’s proof when you learn to let go, people start calling.

He also recounts the amazing story of booking The Killing and how he had to follow his gut, turning down another opportunity, which ultimately paid off and showed him the power of trusting when to say yes or no.

From booking nothing after 103 auditions to turning a three-episode recurring role into an HBO series regular, Eric tells it all. And even spills what it was like working with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper. These are the unforgettable stories that landed Eric Ladin right here.

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