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That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Jun 15, 2021

Today's episode is with the multi-passionate Britney Young. An actress and a producer, Britney embodies what it means to be a truly dedicated, humble, and collaborative storyteller. Born in Tokyo and raised in Alaska, Britney inherited her father’s love of movies and found herself endlessly fascinated with the process of filmmaking. She graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts and took a job as a production assistant where she learned invaluable lessons about the production process, set structure, and the crucial role that every person plays in a project whether cast or crew.

After gaining the attention of a manager through a role in a web series, Britney continued her production work learning how to balance auditions, bookings, all while maintaining her day job. Today, Britney shares her journey through her hilarious and insightful audition tales. You’ve seen her shine in roles such as Carmen Wade in Netflix’s “GLOW”, Little Debbie in “Those Who Can’t”, and other popular projects such as My Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, Better Things, The Librarians, and we eagerly await her own upcoming projects that she has in the works.

Britney never stops working on herself as both an artist, as well as a person, and over the years, has developed a beautiful healthy mindset when it comes to the business. She shares how she has learned to bounce back when bold choices don’t always land as intended in the audition room, and she openly discusses her struggles with overanalyzing and how she goes about resisting the temptation to over prepare. Above all else, Britney stresses the importance of making your own opportunities and to stay excited and open for your own wins as well as the wins of others.

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